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The 495 Babe Ruth League (http://www.495baberuth.org/) runs in the Spring (mid-April through June) with teams from Ashland, Hudson, Marlboro, Northboro, and Westboro.  There is only 1 division in Babe Ruth for 2018. Junior Babe Ruth for 13, 14 and 15-Year-old players.

Unlike some programs, the 495 Babe Ruth League has a mandatory balanced playing rule in place so ALL players are in the action every game.   We also have common sense rules in place to protect the arms of pitchers.   Babe Ruth Managers and Coaches will be required to pass a training course on safety, rules, and managing.  Please consider volunteering to Coach or Manage your child's Babe Ruth Team.   It is an experience you share with your child and will contribute positively to your relationship with him/her.

A Note on Dual Participation
We have players every year that also play in other leagues.  We try to schedule games so they do not conflict with High School or Middle School games, although players may occasionally be late from an away game.  Players playing on AAU teams are able to play but will have weekend conflicts.  The 495 Babe Ruth Board asks that parents coordinate their schedules with the managers and try to balance the participation in fairness to both programs.  Please communicate your conflicts or known absences ahead of time so Managers can "borrow" players from other teams within your town.  Most Towns have more than one team so Utilizing our "call-Over" solution, helps to insure there are no forfeits.

Practices for Junior Ruth
Practices will start when the towns allow us to use the fields.  This is mostly decided by the weather.  Fields are closed until the towns open the fields.  Parents will be notified by Managers when practices start.  Details will be posted on the 495 League website.

Babe Ruth Season
Games usually start by the third weekend in April and end in mid-June.  Games are played at Stone Park in Ashland, Sauta Field in Hudson, Stevens Upper and Lower Field in Marlboro, Memorial Field in Northboro, and Rogers Field in Westboro.  Games start at 5:45pm on weekdays except Stevens Lower Field where we start at 6:30pm weekdays.  Games are played randomly every day of the week and weekends.  The season will have approximately 12-16 games.
Jr Babe Ruth League - Age 13, 14 & 15
The Jr. Babe Ruth players are introduced to baseball on the full sized, regulation baseball field.  Emphasis is placed on getting accustomed to the larger field as well as to new concepts the players must learn, such as pitching from the stretch, understanding pitching balk rules, taking leads, stealing bases, positioning, and cut-offs. 

Players 14 and 15 are experienced on the regulation baseball field.  Emphasis is placed on further developing basic playing skills as well as refining individual skills and game strategy.  Pitching development continues and includes more awareness of type of pitch, location, ball & strike count, holding base runners and balk rules.  Hitting development includes more emphasis on bunting and the hit-and-run.  Fielding skills further emphasize the importance of positioning, proper coverage and back up as well as correct cut-offs. Players are selected to teams with care taken to create equally competitive teams. 15 Year old Players are limited in pitching innings to make sure the game is not dominated and allow coaches to get experience with the younger players.

2017, all teams played 14 games and at least 1 playoff game.  All teams make the playoffs.  Champion and Runner Up teams are recognized at the conclusion of the playoffs.